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I think they are symbolic of her breasts... maybe it's her way of letting would-be suitors know that her breasts are very, very furry.


...or that they're likely to rub up against would-be suitors legs?


Maybe they are supposed to be in a cute little basket like the kind in a poster an 8-year-old girl would hang on her wall? But, yes, they look more like a part of Fatal Attraction II.


Karen Moy is trying to jump on the cats in sinks craze, but got a little confused.


Since Dawn has 'confided' in Mary (as if she keeps anything that is confided in her to herself), Dawn's next shirt will probably have the kittens hanging from a tree branch with the slogan "Hang in There".


The kittens in the stewpot are there as part of a "Slylock Fox" puzzle: can you spot the three hot, wet p-----s in this cartoon?


Thank you, Dave, for not writing "four hot, wet, p-----s."


I never had one of those kitten posters when I was 8... Rainbow unicorns, sure, but dorky kittens? Heck no. I had taste. Apparently more taste than this 'adult'... :P


Thanks for the laugh in an otherwise depressing Wiorth world! That was teh funny.

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